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Well Come Friends

Hay everone how are you i am so pleased to see you on my site.First i will tell you about me my name is ABDUL KHALIQ i am from kabul (afghanistan) where the world started a war and then started a war and still the war is going on ,i will don,t make you bore on talking this dirty politics .so howx you people .Actualy the purpose of this site, is just  to share with you that how the life is going on here and how can we be friends  . i hate wars but i love people ,i love you all. I dedicate this site to those people and personalities who had given their sole in the strugles to bring peace and stability in their societies, and in world at all.i dedicate this site to those who  fought against the evilz of the violent ideologies, to  those who have experienced the termoils on the basis of racism, capitalism , comunism and now facing  the civilism.i wish for the people of all over the world to have a society of peace ,friendship, dignity and respect to human rights .i wish a society for the people free of religious ,political and ethnic clashes.i condenm the violence ,agression and war in all forms, from any power against any human at any reason.The innocence the LOVEING are the armless humans.

   So buddy,s this was my political and diplomatic statement but am not as political but this is true i am the victim of war and  that is why am so much concern about peace.hay don,t be get bored ,i am thinking how can i be touched with the beauties outside my world ,how can i will talk to you ,so thats i am here for you... 

             Well come to my Page

I like Colours

The people living in sso ppl lets talk about art : i like the art ,the paintingsc the dance, the music, the poetry and the art of friedship.i like the colours , i like the birds , i like the nature i do like everything i do like you . once i was been to India thats i do realy enjoyed becouse the people were ful of colour ,the colour in everthing ,the colour in wearing the colour in hights the kite were full of colour .hay do u like colours / what colour do u like? 

once i fell in love and i was been in for almost 10 years but the i don,t know the result was not good, due to our strict cultural ban on love .the culture is the path of way which is dominant on everything here in my society ,so thats why we are not allowed to see beauties too becouse this is cultural ban here.once there was haivy rain and i was heavy rain and i was standing on completely wet ,and i saw i girl coming to me ,she come close and close to and said 'my mother say don,t be stand in rain you will be get sick" i feel the beauty of life and youth that day i feel it still.do u like rain or snow? and i love friends too .come and be my friends.

Why I Like Mandela

NALSON MANDELLA the man who showed to the world a non voilent and peaceful strugle against the worseful racialist and was succeeded to get freedom for their nation .He beared the 27 years long imprisonment with patience just to telling the colonial infedals that we have the courage just to bear you. I will appreciate his peacefull philosphy of freedom strugle that he showed an example to the world that there are ways to go to achieve goals without gun.Lets give him a hearty word of appriciation.

Contact Me

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, so post on my blog page and if u wana talk so feel free to call me at 0093-788113179. or send an e-mail to